Why Katy Starr Photography?


A picture speaks a thousand words. Imagery does something for the mind that words often can’t. It can move our soul, just as music can. Pictures open a door to the past, in a good way, that can bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. When you think about having pictures taken of your senior or your family, think about how that will make you feel twenty years from now. You’ll want to look back with the best flood of emotions, reminding you of your most treasured things in life, which just so happen to not even be “things”. A session’s not worth doing if it doesn’t feel right or comfortable, so instead of rushing for some last minute photos, take a little extra time to get to know Katy Starr Photography. Ask me questions! Learn more about the experience beyond just a digital image or printed photograph, because with Katy Starr Photography, it’s so much more than that! Delivering quality photos is an expectation, enjoying every moment of the process is just the icing on the cake 😊


Seniors (and senior parents!) – you only graduate high school one time in life. Take this opportunity to spoil yourselves! You’re finishing up your first (and fairly long) commitment in life, graduating high school. That’s a big deal, so why not celebrate?! Beautiful photos are a must, but what if you really enjoy the experience in the process? I can’t imagine providing you with anything less.


My goal is to deliver more than just photographs, but also a spontaneous and memorable experience. While my creativity drives the photo sessions, I encourage suggestions from clients as well. Making memorable sessions means experiencing personable and relatable fusions of the client(s). Your vision, becomes my vision, and together, we’ll create a beautiful art you can reminisce on and be proud of for years to come. Let’s get started!